5 Things I’ve Learned From the Downfall of Marvel

Amanda Bussman
5 min readNov 29, 2023
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Holy burnout Batman… it’s about time we have a discussion.

(Before anyone comes for me with that statement, clearly I know that Batman is NOT a Marvel property. )

We’re not even going to have a conversation about the politics of it all. This has no part in how much money Marvel hasn’t brought in this year. This is strictly about the fact that we’re starting to get tired of the predictable.

Everything we’ve seen lately has been the same as the last. We’re tired of the monotony of it all. Let’s be honest. Nothing has been different. The hero saves the day… big deal.

It’s time to look at how we went from sold-out theaters for Endgame to skipping shows on Disney+.

1. Too Much of a Good Thing

There’s a such thing as too much of a good thing and Disney showed us that. Has anyone actually been able to keep up with the sheer amount of shows that have been put out since the streaming service dropped?

As someone who watched Endgame an obscene amount of times at the beginning of 2020 (we all needed our coping mechanisms during hell year) I didn’t think I would ever have a problem with this. Spoiler alert, I couldn’t tell you what’s come out this year or what’s coming next if I tried.

There are too many shows.

It doesn’t help that if you miss one thing suddenly you’re light years behind.

Can ANYONE tell me what exactly happened in Ms. Marvel? Why was one bangle on Earth and one in space? I have questions and not enough care in the world to find out.

2. Lazy Writing Goes Nowhere

No offense to the writers, surely there have to be some good ideas being pitched in those writers' rooms …right?

Sure, the whole flerken plot was cute and all. HOWEVER, it was NOT actually clever. Not much about the movie was clever. When it dared to do something different it…



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