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I wish it was that simple because that statement isn’t quite true. I’ve written. I’ve posted on medium and my fictional pieces in other places. That’s not the writing I’m talking about.

The writing I’m talking about is scriptwriting. It’s what I decided I wanted to go to school for…

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The town’s chaos was one that she wanted to escape from. Reminders sat everywhere, candles, photographs… as Jinx walked down the side street she did her best to avoid the main roads, to tuck herself as far away as possible from the reminders and ghosts that now walked the…

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“I almost wish you’d fall” she could bet that the woman with the silver hair who’d watched them walk out of the grocery store would have scowled had she heard the sentence that had just come out of the young black boy’s mouth. The wish that she’d stumble and fall…

Amanda Bussman

Learning the endless process of being a confident writer and full time dreamer.

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