About the Author: What to Expect

Amanda Bussman
5 min readNov 24, 2023
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I am not who I was when you first came across this page in 2021.

Hi There!

Welcome to a masterful mess of words. Allow me to be your guide.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: I love writing. For as long as I can remember writing has been my coping mechanism. It’s the way I express myself. It’s how I grow.

For the past several years I’ve been a makeshift content writer. Meaning, that I’ve pretended my way through with subpar positions. My portfolio is in flux, and I’m working on making it something I’m proud of. (Need content? I know SEO. I have heart. I’ll happily discuss with you)

By Trade and Choice, I Am a Storyteller

In 2016 I completed my bachelor's degree in Film Studies at Rhode Island College. The aspect of film that I love most (besides color correction) is scriptwriting. Screenwriting will always be one of my first loves. One day, I fully intend to get back to it.

In the time since graduating, I have realized another gift I possess. One of my biggest passions is seeing others achieve their writing goals. There is nothing quite like watching someone else build up their own world. It’s a gratifying experience that I love the opportunity to contribute to.



Amanda Bussman

If you're looking for a writing coach and someone who is working through generational trauma, you've come to the right place. OH! I hope you like Taylor Swift!