All Good People Here… Not Really Good

Amanda Bussman
3 min readMar 28, 2024
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The pledge that I made myself to read more this year is going pretty well. At 9 books in the first three months of the year, I think I’m at a pretty good pace. This has also brought with it a mixed bag of reading.

All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers is one that I did not jump to writing my reaction on. I regret this.

To be honest, there isn’t much about Flowers book that I even remember. All Good People Here was a lot of nothing and not exactly memorable.

(This is not to say that Crime Junkie isn’t one of my favorite podcasts. It just means that the story needed a little more work.)

What Do I Remember

I think I remember about as much as Margot’s uncle does. Sadly, as we start the book he’s beginning to exhibit signs of Alzheimer's.

Margot is a journalist who is trying to find her way. Much like the rest of us writers, the job market isn’t the easiest. Keeping interesting stories are also very very difficult. Her boss is pressing her to do better.

She has to go back home and take care of her ailing uncle.

All of this while a little girl has just been murdered.

Margot believes that with history repeating itself (a child was murdered back when she was a little girl), it’s a sign that the next story is to be about January and the link between her murder and one from Margot’s childhood.

Making it her job to connect the dots, Margot starts to put together the pieces and thinks that there is something sinister at hand. With many secrets hidden, is Margot the one to crack the case? Or does she find herself right in the middle of trouble?

Ashley Flowers Misses the Mark

The story is easy to follow, and the book is an easy read.

I want to say I was invested in the characters at the time that I read it. Something made me get through the novel in a day.

When it comes down to it, the whole thing is simply forgettable. There was nothing overly important that happened. I don’t remember what the stakes were or even truly what the ending was.



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