House Plants to Avoid With Cats

Amanda Bussman
3 min readOct 12
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Cats are curious creatures. They tend to get into anything and everything they can. Along with this curious nature comes the risks to their health.

These pets have sensitivities to many common house plants. The greens in your home could be a feline friend’s worst nightmare. Several plants should not be around cats. Here are just a couple of those dangerous house decorations that hold pet toxicity risks.

1. Aloe Vera

While aloe may be great for your sunburn, the same is not said for your feline friend. Aloe plants are toxic for cats and animals alike. An aloe plant can cause diarrhea and vomiting in your cat. These symptoms could be just the beginning of a host of other problems.

2. Lillies

It’s no secret that lilies are beautiful flowers. They add a pop of happiness to many homes. If you have a cat, lilies are not the flower to have in your home.
Among the toxic houseplants for cats, lilies can do kidney damage and could even result in kidney failure for your beloved pet.

3. Cannabis

An animal, such as a cat, doesn’t have the ability to know what it should be playing with and what it should not. When a cat gets into a cannabis plant, the effects can be dangerous. From developing tremors, excessive drooling, and seizures to even respiratory problems, your pet should never get into any growing cannabis plants.

4. Ivy

Ivy may look beautiful growing up the side of your house or in your garden, as a house plant ivy is not advised. Ivy can cause stomach and mouth irritation for your furry friend. Not only that, but certain types of ivy can also make your cat foam at the mouth.
If you have a cat, this is a plant to avoid.

5. Lantanas

This beautiful and exotic houseplant is one cats must be kept away from. Lantanas are toxic for cats. From liver failure to paralysis, cat reactions to these plants can have deadly outcomes. Protect your feline friend from lantanas at all costs.

6. Daffodils (other narcissus plants)

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