I Chose the Vaccine for Your Parents

Amanda Bussman
3 min readJan 2, 2022
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Before we begin, I want to put it out there, this is not a discussion piece. These are my personal feelings on the debate about being vaccinated. We are all entitled to our own thoughts and feelings.

That is what the unvaccinated say, right? I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t start your complaints in my comments.

My vaccination status is: vaxxed and boosted.

For me, this choice was a no-brainer. This is coming from someone who hates needles and tenses without fail. I did my time of rolling up my sleeve and whined for two days about being sore.

I did this for your parents.

I would say I did it for my own, but, if you’ve been following me for some time you know my parents have both passed. So in turn, I did this so that you don’t have that same experience.

The news has been atrocious for three years. Somewhere around 824k people have lost their lives. I get that not everyone believes it is Covid. The argument is that it is underlying symptoms that have been exposed because of Covid. (Doesn’t that just mean it was still due to Covid?)

Regardless of what you think, what your beliefs are, I didn’t want to be the reason you lose someone important to you. I will by far take being carefully cautious so that your loved ones aren’t planning any funerals.

I’ve heard the struggles around me. I’ve listened to stories of people being laid up for days, struggling to get their smell back, nearly being put on a vent.

My heart hurts, and I’m tired.

I know that this shot isn’t the cure.

It’s not protecting in the way they promised. This virus is mutating faster than they seem to have expected. You don’t have to tell me any of that. I read and watch the news.

Getting the vaccine was my way of trying to pay it forward. Maybe if I protect myself, I throw less of a risk to your loved one. We boast so much about needing to take care of one another.

This choice was me trying to take care of those who have a weaker immune system.

There was a case in my small city not too long ago. A young 45-year-old teacher passed away after fighting. She left behind two…

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