Amanda Bussman
1 min readJul 22, 2021

Letting go of friendships (even long lasting ones) are sometimes the best things we can do for both them and ourselves. It's like that saying about leading a horse to water. You can only give them as much love as you can before you begin to feel the effects of it yourself.

It sounds like it was the best thing you could do for ourself emotionally. As much as it sounds like it was painfull. I hope that it's brought you a little bit of relief to not have the problems she's going to find herself in weighing down on you. We're only meant to carry so much weight from other people.

I also hope that you put another destination of travel on your next vision board. Get out and see more of the world for you! (and then come back and write about it because personally I would love to read it) :)

Amanda Bussman

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