Loki Season 1: A Look at Self Love

Amanda Bussman
4 min readMar 13, 2022
Disney+ and Marvel Studios

It’s astonishing to me. The number of individuals I’ve seen lately complaining about the Loki/Sylvie interactions. I’m starting to wonder if any of you actually know who Loki is.

I think it might be time for a discussion.

Or at least for you to reflect on who Loki (and any incarnation of him) is.

Might I first remind you that Loki is the same Loki from the Avengers? The selfish and arrogant asshole who will do anything in his power to protect himself.

A Loki’s first priority is himself.

This is where people find it in them to not like Loki.

To only see the negative in this perspective isn’t to see the full picture. Those who are of this mindset have never had to put themselves first. They’ve never had to stop and realize that watching their own back is also a priority.

Yes. In many ways, Loki had two parents who loved him. At least, as much as Odin was able to show that affection to his adopted son. He had a brother who meant the world to him (in his own way).

But Loki was also alone.

You need to take a step away from the family argument for a moment. I urge you to think past it.

Sometimes you don’t fit.



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