The Picture With Hidden Pictures

Amanda Bussman
3 min readMar 27, 2024
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Sitting on Barnes and Noble’s thriller list is a book with a red spine that boasts a haunting image. Hidden Pictures by Jason Rekulak passes the judging of a book by its cover test.

Does it hold up to the intriguing image on the front? That’s today’s question.

To put it simply, before diving into the specifics, Hidden Pictures was a cover-cover, can’t put it down, read.

It was pretty well written with a story that felt unique and twists and turns that made impact.

For the most part, I would suggest this to anyone looking for a quick read and an air of mystery.

A Brief Overlook

After living through addiction and loss, Mallory is looking for a break from the cards that life has dealt her. With the help of her sponsor, Mallory finds a nannying position. It’s the perfect fit and an escape from the life she’s so desperate to run away from.

Ted and Caroline have one son, Teddy, who they treat like gold.

The only thing is, they seem a little too protective of Teddy. To the point where it’s nearly peculiar.

When Teddy begins to draw pictures of a sinister event taking place, Mallory begins to question what the photos mean. Or if Teddy could have even been responsible for drawing…



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