WandaVision; An Intense Look At Grief & Loss

Amanda Bussman
5 min readMay 11, 2021
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On January 15th Marvel Studios put out the first installment of their new venture. Taking their audience from three films per year to a plethora of episodes. The first of this new form of media was WandaVision.

WandaVision is a 9 episode mini-series that followed two of our beloved characters. Vision and Wanda. An android and an enhanced human. The audience has watched both characters from their very first appearances. Visions “birth” at the hand of Ultron and Wanda in the loss of her brother, becoming one of the good guys.

For those who follow the films, we know that these characters have each had difficult pasts.

What WandaVision did for these two characters was a form of expression that gave the viewers an understanding of grief. As an audience, we’ve learned that pain can be all-encompassing. There are times when the hurt fills up every crevice of a body and makes everything else difficult to comprehend.

Here’s a look at what WandaVision was able to do.

The Death Of Maria Rambeau

One of the questions that were left was how average people reacted to the snap. There were five years where life moved forward without loved ones. Our heroes were not the only ones affected by this. No, the average people in the world also felt the fallout of Thanos’ visit to earth.

Through Monica, who we were introduced to as a child in Captain Marvel, we see that destruction.

After coming back from dust 5 years after Thanos’ snap, Monica finds out that her mother, Monica, has passed. Monica was not there for the return of her mother’s illness. She had no indication that her mother was even gone. Instead, Monica has woken up in a changed world.

The audience sees Monica deflecting the fallout of this. We watch as Monica returns to work in an atmosphere that hasn’t had the chance to slow down in 5 years.

Untimely, Monica must put her grief aside and throw herself back into a world that she hardly knows.

The character is like so many of us who pick up the pieces because we have to. Those of us that shoulder grief because there isn’t another option. Loss is an unyielding emotion.



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