What Is Medium for You

Amanda Bussman
3 min readDec 10, 2023
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I find myself posting more and more. This place has become an area where I let my thoughts flow. It gives me the opportunity to read and learn about new things I wouldn’t have thought of. Medium has become a place to gather and a place to grow.

For me, it’s opening my eyes and I’m hoping in the new year it will open doors as well.

My curiosity lies in what Medium is for you.

Here’s My Story

I joined Medium in 2020 before the world decided to try and shut down. I was a desperate writer who didn’t know how to make my voice heard. All I knew was that I wanted to express myself with the keyboard.

Writing is the one thing I have a talent for.

Yet just like many others, 2020 proved to be a mentally taxing affair. I was not in the space to create and share. The world felt like it was on fire and I had virtually stalled in place. It has taken years to climb out of that slump, and I often feel as though I’m still there.

Content mills were where I focused and burnt myself out after that. I see now that they became my crutch. they held me in place just enough but I had no muse to function creativity.

While little has changed since 2020 in terms of figuring out my future, it took leaving the content mills to see that perhaps Medium is where I can find my creativity and voice.

So far this month I’ve made a little over $10. This is a great change from the $26 I made in three years.

I’m very excited to see where this adventure will take me.

For me, the money isn’t the whole point of the medium.

A Mixed Bag of Creativity

What I've come to learn about Medium is that interaction is key. You find some of the most creative and intelligent people on the site. Those who explore their voices and their niches.

It is thrilling to me to be a part of that.



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