What Is the Benefit of Writing Prompts

Amanda Bussman
4 min readNov 21, 2023
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You sit down and stare at the blank document in front of you. No matter how many times you come back to it, the words don’t seem to want to write themselves. The hours pass, and hours later, you’re still looking at that same blank document.

How do you fix this?

Writer’s block is a nightmare. I have to assume that most writers have fallen upon this several times in their careers.

We could spend time looking into why writer’s block happens and what we can do to avoid it. I don’t feel like that will help anyone staring at a blank word page. Instead, let’s look at the benefits of a writer’s prompt.

What Is a Writing Prompt?

The complicated response to this is — anything. A writing prompt can be anything around you. If it evokes an emotion, if you can put a story behind it, that is a writing prompt. It can be that simple.

Take a look around wherever you are right now. Do you see a lamp, perhaps? Imagine you didn’t buy that from the store and you bought it at a secondhand shop. Now, imagine that lamp having a life before you brought it home. When you open your mind, the ideas are endless.

These stories that can spark your imagination can come from anywhere. All it takes is a small thought for you to come up with these brilliant and unique plans.

How Is This Helpful?

How can something as simple as a piece of dialog or an object be an inspiration? The great thing about writing prompts is that you can use them to write for yourself. They can be the basis of fleshing out characters or even growing entire scenes.

All it takes is one simple idea for you to have something tangible to go off of.

Your next novel could be because of a dying pumpkin or a piece of fabric. Inspiration comes from anywhere that you allow it to. You just have to utilize your creativity enough to build off of what is around you.

Prompts like these are also a great way to deal with writing anxiety. No one has to see what you write. You have to take the idea and do it. That’s the first step in building up your writing and becoming more comfortable with putting words on a page.



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