I Made 8 Cents on Medium This Month

Amanda Bussman
3 min readJun 10, 2021
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That may seem like a ridiculous statement over 8 cents.

To me? It’s huge.

I’m a serial checker. If I could accrue pennies from my own clicks to my stats page I’d be all set. I’d be able to pay for grad school and a house. Checking my stats page and hoping to see some change in equity or hits is always my goal.

I’m going to hope that at one point or another we’ve all been like this.

This is the reason that last month when that $0.08 showed up on my stats page from my article, WandaVision; An Intense Look At Loss and Grief, I thought I was seeing things. Turns out that $0.08 was deposited at the end of the month. In short, this is a big deal.

This is the start of something changing.

I’ve been struggling and fighting since I finished my bachelor’s degree.

My BA is in film studies.

Before you, “that’s what you get” me, let it be known that I in no way regret my degree. I don’t care to hear your, “you’re never going to make money with that” because it’s one of my great accomplishments. I’m completely proud to be a filmmaker.

Writing has always been my first passion.

Since I graduated 5 years ago I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a name for myself.

Let me tell you, content mills? Not the most lucrative.

Most writers, as I’ve noticed by reading several articles, will tell you not to go anywhere near a content mill. They pay you peanuts.

Listen, if you need to start with a content mill. Do it.

A starting point is still a starting point.

Train yourself by working that content mill. Find your strengths and your weaknesses. Build yourself up to take on better things.

Then fight.

Fight for better work because you know that you can.

It may be discouraging and grinding. But if a content mill is what you need to do to start, give yourself permission to do that. You’ll grow your portfolio and figure it out as you go.

Another thing? Write for you.

Amanda Bussman

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