July Reflections

Amanda Bussman
3 min readAug 3, 2021
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This article is coming a little later than I intended. What I wanted to do here was a wrap of my first consistent month on Medium and what I have learned in the process.

During July, for the first time in my year and a half on Medium, I published 9 articles. These 9 articles were done consistently and helped me to get many of my personal thoughts out. I had fun experimenting with not only what would find readers, but with what I enjoyed writing.

My story with the highest number of views is a reflection of the Black Widow movie. It’s located here. It’s my opinion on how Marvel shorted us with a subpar film. They had plenty of material to work with did a lazy job with it.

A story that has the most reads is my reflection of entering the movie theater again after the pandemic. As someone who has anxiety, it was nerve-wracking to be around people again. I think that part of me forgot how to even sit in a theater. If you want to read this article and share your own experiences I would love to hear them.

One that I have had the most fun sharing was The Chalk Outline. This was my first time sharing one of my fiction pieces. I was nervous to introduce one of my more private pieces, but in the end, I loved hearing the feedback that came from it. It gave me a bump of confidence.

In the past, I’ve posted about how I made 8 cents for the month of June and about my 91 views in July. I can happily say that July held a little bit of change. My profits were over $1 and my views to 264. For me, this was more than I could have anticipated. It feels great to know that some of this is being read by others.

My intent with posting about the view changes and the income incline is to show others that things change with time. It takes a while, but your writing is worth it.

More than anything, Medium has given me a place to experiment with what I want to post. I’m beginning to develop my writing style. I’m figuring out what I have to say and share with others.

Upcoming for August is more of my journey in the filmmaking process. I would like to cement a script for my fellowship and my plan is to write out the different ideas I have. For now, you can follow the journey here and here.

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